Joe Absolom

Joe Absolom plays cutie Al Large in Doc Martin. He has appeared in all seven seasons.


Joe Absolom was born in Lewisham, London on the 16th December, 1978.  At the age of ten, he wanted to be a skateboarder. In an interview with Mail Online he stated, “I was inspired by Tony Hawk, the American professional skateboarder who invented most of the modern tricks. I became an actor instead after my father, who’s an artist, sent photos of me and my baby sister to a children’s acting agency. I was so shy at first that I didn’t realise the catering on film sets was for everyone – I just watched other people eat the food.”

Joe Absolom

Joe Absolom plays ‘Al Large’ in Doc Martin

Joe Absolom describes himself as a punctual individual. He has jokingly admitted that if he had to choose an alternative career, he’d choose to be a postman – because he’s good at getting up early.

Acting Career

Starting off early with a Sun-Pat’s Peanut Butter advertisement at the age of eleven, Joe Absolom made his film acting debut in the 1991 comedy film “Antonia and Jane”. He gained fame as Matthew Rose in “EastEnders” in 1997 at age eighteen. Since then, apart from his role in “Doc Martin”, Joe has most notably appeared in “Long Time Dead” (2002), “Extreme Ops” (2002), “Vincent” (2005) and most recently “Personal Affairs” (2009) and “Hatfields & McCoys” (2012).

He starred as the lovable rogue, Drew Pritchard in “POW” (2003), a six part ITV war drama directed by Roger Garland and John Stickland. Joe has also guest starred in “The Bill” between 1992 and 2009, and as Benny, a violent loan shark in “Casualty” (2008). He appeared as a criminal the internet crime thriller “Girl Number Nine” (2009) also starring Tracy Ann Oberman and Gareth David Lloyd.

His latest acting work is as Ivan, in the thriller-horror film “I Spit On Your Grave 2” which is expected to release in 2013.

What you may not know about Joe:
  • Joe Absolom has said that the PlayStation 3 is his most favorite gadget.
  • Joe won a celebrity version of TV show Total Wipeout which aired on 18 September 2010, receiving £10,000 for charity.
  • Along with his partner Liz, (in his own words) Joe “shares childcare” for Lyla, five, and Casper, one.

On working with Ian McNeice on Doc Martin:

“I’m constantly learning from Ian McNeice.”

On the harbour Port Isaac where Doc Martin is filmed:

“Yeah it’s nice, but I wouldn’t want to move here.”

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