Selina Cadell

Selina Cadell has starred as the quirky and lovelorn Mrs Sally Tishell in Doc Martin.

Selina Cadell plays 'Mrs Tishell' in Doc Martin.

Selina Cadell plays ‘Mrs Tishell’ in Doc Martin.

Born in London in 1953, Selina has carried on the family show business tradition. She is the sister of actor Simon Cadell and granddaughter of actress Jean Cadell. Her father John was a theatrical agent, and although her brother Simon (who was also a mentor to her) was always keen on acting, Selina in comparison was known to have rejected acting as a career initially.

Acting Career

Selinda Cadell has enjoyed a diverse and interesting career spanning television and movies in both comedic and dramatic roles.

She is well known for her television sitcom roles as Dorothy Crowther in “The Amazing Mrs Pritchard” (2006) and the Dean Mieke Miedema in “Lab Rats”, since 2008.

She has starred in “Great Expectations” (1999), “Sword of Honour” (2001), Woody Allen’s “Match Point” (2005), “Festival” (2005) and “Confetti” (2006). She has also appeared in “Down To Earth” (2001), “Kavanagh QC” (1996), in the first episode of “Midsomer Murders” (1997) and as the eponymous Michael’s mother in “The Secret World of Michael Fry” (2000), starring Ewan Bremner.

Well versed in television comedy, apart from ‘Doc Martin’ she has appeared in shows such as “Bremner, Bird and Fortune (2005); “My Hero” (2002); “People Like Us” (2001), “As Time Goes By” (2000) and “French and Saunders” (1999).

Most recently, she starred in the BBC TV movie “The Lady Vanishes” (2013).

 What you don’t know about Selina
  •  Further keeping up the family tradition, along with husband and actor Michael Thomas, Selina has two children: budding actors Edwin, 25, who’s appeared in ITV’s Lewis, and Letty, 20, who is acting in student plays.
  • Her brother and popular actor Simon Cadell died at the age of 45, after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma following triple heart bypass surgery.
  • One of her closest friends is Hollywood actress Sigourney Weaver

On her brother Simon Cadell:

“Simon was a huge influence on me, giving me so much advice; he was very, very special.”

Her views on acting opportunities for women

“Quite often the young beauties get cast for ten years then have to prove themselves in a different way. My drama teachers told me I wouldn’t get work until I was 40.”

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