Stewart Wright

Stewart WrightStarting his career in a toothpaste commercial as a young boy, it was suggested that Stewart should move to the US to try his luck in an American sitcom. His mother said no to this option, however despite this, Stewart continued to entertain the idea of acting through participating in various school plays until he eventually studied drama at university.

Upon graduating, Stewart worked as a line reader – he read all the other character lines to actors auditioning for a role in the musical ‘The Lion King’. Through this he became well known to a casting director who suggested him for a major role in the comedy mockumentary show ‘People like Us’. The show was watched by many people in comedy and it became Stewart’s break into the industry.

From there he performed in many hit TV shows before auditioning for (and winning) his role as the beloved PC Mark Mylow in ‘Doc Martin’.

He is now based in Bristol. In 2007 Stewart founded Nothing Productions, an independent production label to facilitate his various performance and community projects in Bristol and beyond.


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