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Doc Martin Online is a project conceptualized by Metro Brava, a media and entertainment company with offices in India and Australia.  Although our primary operations include running a chain of cinemas, feature film and television production, media distribution and other lateral businesses – we are always on the pursuit of interesting and/or challenging projects that cater to gaps in the market.

Having interacted with ‘Doc Martin’ fans previously, it was brought to our attention that there was a lack of online resources for all things related to Buffalo Pictures’ hit TV show. The way audiences interact with shows and vice versa has evolved rapidly via multiple platforms.  Being in production, and having respect for fans and fandoms, Metro Brava saw a gap.  This gave birth to Doc Martin Online dot net.

What started out as a simple idea snowballed into a very interesting case study and opportunity to set a benchmark. For the first time (to our knowledge), a professional company created a platform which was and is designed to be a conduit between the fandom and the show itself.  We are not a fan site, and DMO as undertaken by Metro Brava, is strictly not-for-profit.  We may not be the show itself, but we are media practitioners active in the industry today – and thus aim to lend a very unique perspective to this project.

With season 6 / series 6 slated to be the last of the show, we look forward to engaging with both the cast and crew as well as the fandom in 2013. It’s going to be a very big year ahead!

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