We are launching a fully fledged fan campaign (from hereon also known as ‘The Docmartinitis Campaign’) for two reasons:

1) To show how appreciative we are for the show and let the powers at be know how Doc Martin has impacted lives of people from all around the world.

2) To ask for more content, ANY CONTENT, relating to Doc Martin.

And for these two reasons, it’s a two part campaign!



We will make a viral video ( in the style of a David Attenborough documentary) about an epidemic known as ‘Doc Martinitis’ – this will be intercut with messages from fans.  Which is where you guys come in.  You can deliver your message in a couple of ways: (it’s all about the two’s here!)

a) Upload a video of yourself – either showing your face and delivering the message direct to screen, or hiding yourself via blurring or by holding up a written message to the screen.  The message should be about 15 seconds long and should talk about how much you love the show and what they have done so far.

b) If you don’t have a webcam or the idea of making a video causes you to break out into hives (where is the good doctor when you need him!??!), then take a digital photograph of a written message.

* POINT OF CLARIFICATION: HUGE preference to sending over a photograph of the message – maybe you could include something iconic from your area (eg. have maple syrup in the background if you’re from Canada, or a sardine if you’re from Portwenn 😉 This gives more weight that actual people from around the world are writing these messages.  Also – the message should be 40 words or less.  WORST and we mean absolute WORST case scenario, send us the 40 words via email.

In both options the point is to let ITV and Buffalo Pictures know what the show means to you. Please include your name and where you are from in the message eg. Joanie from Kansas or RB from Australia.

Once you’ve got your message, please email it to (if it’s a movie file please compress the file or send it via a file sending service like

Then we’ll edit it together with a bit of dramatics and voila!, part one of the phase is truly on its way.


Stay tuned for part two – quite possibly the more fun part (and it involves lollipops!)

Over and out!


The Doc Martin Online Team