Daniel Tuite Interview

Daniel Tuite was born in the South West of England and attended college in London. He has been acting professionally for 20 years and has performed at the National Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company and in The 39 Steps in London’s West End, as well as a variety of film and television productions (including Harry Potter!).

Daniel played ‘Jerome Smith’ a waiter who serves Martin and Louisa in series 7 episode 6  – ‘Other People’s Children’.



DMO:  How did you get cast in Doc Martin? 

DT: I actually auditioned for a different role, one that appears later in the series.  I wasn’t the best fit, but Ben (Ben Gregor – director) asked me to play Jerome, the waiter.  So I did.

DMO: What did you love most about your role? 

DT: It was just great fun to mess about with Martin and Caroline under Ben’s direction.

 DMO: Can you describe the experience of filming your part on Doc Martin?

DT: I worked for just the one day. We were on location in a big hotel in Tintagel. (The Camelot Castle Hotel used previously in the series). Because the scene was set in the early evening, there were a fair few lights around the place, both inside and out, to conjure that effect. I think the trickiest part of my work was staying out of Martin and Caroline’s light.

DMO: Was there anything filmed that didn’t make the final cut? If so please tell us more! 

DT: On this occasion, I think it all went in. Which is nice.

DMO: What was it like to work with Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz? 

DT: They were great fun to work with. They clearly know what the show is, what their story arc is, and how best to marry the humour with the more serious storylines; they were able to play quite a lot to juggle those elements to find the best blend. So it was great fun. And they were very supportive and encouraging, very quick to compliment and so forth. That sort of thing makes it much easier to relax and work well. Often when you come in to a long-running show for a day it can be hard to find your place in the well-established structure of the company. This wasn’t like that at all.

DMO: What was it like working with Ben Gregor?

DT: Ben was great; much like Martin and Caroline. He set up the atmosphere in which we could play, and find things in the scene. I’d love to work with him again. Maybe with a meatier role. Are you reading this, Ben?

DMO: How did you become an actor? Do you love it? 

DT: I’d always loved acting in school plays, right from the start, but it never occurred to me that it might be a career choice. But when it came to settling on applying for universities, there really was only one thing that I could see myself enjoying studying further.  Then I realised that I should do a practical course instead of a theoretical one, was offered a place at the college I wanted to go to and off I went.

DMO: What was it like seeing yourself in the episode? 

DT: I was pretty happy with it. I’ve done a fair amount of screen work now, so I don’t find it so horrible to watch myself as I did. I think you can learn a lot about camera technique and the like by watching yourself and spotting your mistakes.

DMO: Why do you think Doc Martin works? 

DT: A large part of it is the location. It really is a beautiful part of the world. We used to holiday down inCornwall when I was a boy, so it was wonderful to be back. But also, Doc is such a great character and Martin is so good at it.

DMO: Any parting message for the fans of the show? 

DT: Keep watching!


Daniel loves his ukulele and is trying to discover how to make money at whistling.

Daniel Tuite - other peoples children