Season Eight

Season Eight
Will there be a series 8 of Doc Martin?

As series 7 has drawn to a close in the UK in November 2015, the question on many Doc Martin fans minds is – “will there be another series of Doc Martin?”  or “is this the last season of Doc Martin?” or “is there a series 8 of Doc Martin – please say yes!”

It appears that the answer is YES! Ian McNeice confirmed publicly on the 12th of January, 2016 that there WILL be a series 8! 

Check here for more information from the Mirror.

At this stage, there is only the formal announcement from ITV, but accordingly to multiple sources – it’s all green lit for a eighth series to film in 2017 and air in 2017.

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Although series 8 has been announced, Doc Martin Online will leave the following information for interested viewers about the considerations to take in mind in terms of new series of the show.  A few factors to keep in mind about the possibility of Doc Martin Series 8:

ITV pay for the production of the show, so the power is in their hands as to whether they decide to green light another series of Doc Martin.  They put up the budget, and they need to make sure that what they invest in will get them return in terms of ratings, and advertising revenue.

Please note:  In the past, ITV has taken several months to officially green light another series of Doc Martin.  So it is doubtful whether any information will be available from ITV until well into 2016.  In past years, announcements have happened as early as February, but it may not be the case this time.

A few factors to take into mind:


In previous season’s Doc Martin ratings have been higher. According to average overnight figures, the series’ first episode brought in 5.59 million (26.5% audience share) at 9pm on ITV (284,000/2.0% on +1). This was down by over 2 million from series 6 opener overnight ratings in 2013. It was down 4 million from its 2011 series premiere. Figures did improve from the first episode of series 7, peaking at 7.8 million for ‘Education, Education, Education’ (the 4th episode of series 7).

However, and perhaps most importantly, Doc Martin still won (sometimes very easily) the ratings for its time slot, and was the most popular show on Monday on British TV apart from soap operas.


The show is owned and created by Buffalo Pictures run by Martin Clunes and his wife Philippa Braithwaite. Martin has said on record that they will keep doing the show so long as they keep coming up with good storylines.  In 2015, Martin Clunes stated during several interviews that he would be happy to continue doing the show, and that he hoped that they could continue Doc Martin.


Many of the cast members have enthusiastically replied that they would be very happy to come back.  Always a good sign.


Doc Martin IS very popular in many countries! And in some countries, people are only just discovering the show through syndication.  In the USA, every year more stations pay the licensing fee to watch Doc Martin. So even as ratings drop in the UK, they are actually rising in some countries around the world.  The only thing is, this doesn’t do anything to convince ITV, as they are only concerned with local UK ratings.


If the show does get green-lit by ITV, and Buffalo Pictures agrees to make series 8, then it will be quite some time before they go into production as they usually take a 2 year break between series.  It is likely they will continue this pattern should there be a series 8 of Doc Martin. They do the two year gap so that they can give Port Isaac a break in-between filming years as it can be quite inconvenient for the seaside village to  accommodate the filming schedule and requirements (roads get shut down, parking is an issue etc), and to allow the principal members of cast and crew to pursue other projects.


There have been a few rumours across social media that Doc Martin has already been commissioned for a series 8.  Right now, these rumours cannot be confirmed.


Nobody is confirming or denying anything in relation to Doc Martin series 8. When director Ben Gregor was asked about series 8 in a Twitter Q & A he responded with:

We probed further. 

And further still.

We tried a different angle.


So while nothing is ever certain, taking all the above into consideration – there could be some room for hope.  Until we know anything, the best thing to do is wait patiently and keep fingers crossed for a season 8 in 2017!

We need a series 8 of Doc Martin!

We need a series 8 of Doc Martin!