Al Large

Al is in his late 20’s and lives with his Dad, Bert, and girlfriend, Pauline. He is co-owner of the Large restaurant with Bert, which he joined after returning from Kenya. Having trained as a plumber under his father he had enrolled in a training course to study computer maintenance but he left Portwenn before completing it.

Al has had two relationships since Doc Martin moved to Portwenn. Originally he played second fiddle to Greg for Elaine Denham’s affections but he was far too nice and she dumped him to follow Greg to Pompey (Portsmouth). When Pauline took up her cousin’s post as the Doc’s receptionist, Al tried to play it cool with her so he wouldn’t get hurt again. However, after he helped her train and qualify for a seat in the lifeboats, they ended up celebrating their first kiss on the Doc’s kitchen table, much to the Doc’s horror.  Pauline has described Al as “boring and samey”, “with no mates”, “a man who plans everything but never does anything”, obviously a relationship that is definitely on the up and up.

Despite having no close male friends, he is actually a very good mate to have around. Al stepped up to act as PC Mark Mylow’s Best Man when the Doc refused to have anything to do with it. He also ended up saving Mark’s life when the two of them went camping for Mark’s stag weekend, and Mark suffered anaphylactic shock from an Adder bite.