Dr Martin Ellingham

Once upon a time in London, there was a brilliant vascular surgeon at the top of his career.  Problem was, life wasn’t quite a fairy tale for the great doctor, and one day it all came to an abrupt end.  Dr. Martin Ellingham had developed a crippling phobia of blood.  With few options, Dr. Ellingham gave up surgery for a new start as a GP.  He fled London and returned to the small fishing and farming village of Portwenn (North Cornwall, England), where he had spent childhood summers with his beloved Aunt Joan.  Picturesque, rural and isolated, it seemed like the perfect place for a fresh start.  And indeed, ever since setting up his community practice in 2004, he has shown himself to be a gifted doctor, capable of diagnosing nearly every resident of this unusually accident- and illness-prone village.

In spite of his amazing medical skills however, Dr. Ellingham—or Doc Martin as the locals like to call him– has earned few friends since moving to Portwenn, primarily due to his appalling lack of a bed side manner.  While generally a well meaning sort of man, he seems to suffer from two glaring faults:  his inability to understand basic social cues (especially when dealing with members of the opposite sex) and his stubborn disdain of social intercourse in general.  “There’s no good acting nice Martin…you’ve got to want to,” to which came Martin’s exasperated reply: “Why?!”

Most days, Dr. Ellingham can be found curing the sick and irritating locals with his non-existent social skills.  He fills the rest of his time pining for local headmistress Louisa Glasson, with whom he has been in love since their first meeting (his interview panel, where she nearly scuppered his chances by pointing out his deficient manners).  At one point in their rocky relationship, the two nearly married, but called it off after panicking and realizing they weren’t ready.  Nevertheless, Louisa became pregnant and Dr. Ellingham is now a father for the first time.