Hailing from Delabole, Cornwall, Elaine Denham was Dr. Martin Ellingham’s first receptionist.  Not that he had a choice…having inherited her from the previous doctor, Elaine arrived at the same time as his furniture and announced: “I’ve come from Delabole!  No use going home and coming back—I might as well start now, inn’t it?”  Elaine’s primary talent was talking on the phone (primarily with her boyfriend “Greg”).  She also excelled at breaking computers, drinking tea and eating biscuits, and generally criticizing Dr. Ellingham’s every move.  Popular in Portwenn, Elaine was known to be fiercely proud and courageous, not to mention crafty.

But Elaine also displayed loyalty and understanding.  After losing her mother at a young age, she and her father established a close bond.  When he met a woman and proposed, Elaine couldn’t believe Carmen was good enough for her father.  She refused to attend his wedding and (after having been briefly fired by Dr. Ellingham) decided to leave town.  But after receiving good advice and a rare kind word from Dr. Ellingham, she relented.  She made it to her father’s wedding to show her support, and stayed in North Cornwall.  Sometime later, Elaine quit the surgery for good and left for Greece with the ubiquitous “Greg”.