Louisa Glasson

A Portwenn native, Ms. Glasson attended university in London before returning home and becoming a primary school teacher.  Despite coming from a broken family (her mother left when she was a girl, her father is a criminal), she persevered and in 2005 was elected Headmistress of Portwenn Primary.  Although her childhood has left her privately insecure, she can be counted on to help friends in need and support her village, and always with a beautiful smile on her face.  Louisa has proven herself an exceptional teacher and leader, beloved by her students and the villagers of Portwenn.

Like so many, Louisa’s ambition and successful career have left her personal life lacking.  This hasn’t been made easier by her love of Portwenn’s Dr. Martin Ellingham.  Attracted from the start, Louisa spent many years trying to come to terms with his irascible behavior, once even admitting “I quite like the way you are Martin.”  Wooing him however, was another matter.  After making plenty of first moves, getting him drunk, and even telling him her true feelings, she discovered his blunt manner wasn’t so wonderful when directed at her.  A half dozen failed attempts at a first date later, Louisa gave up and told Martin goodbye—chucking him for good. This worked like a charm, and within days he had desperately proposed marriage.

Sadly, Louisa soon learned that going from one failed date straight into engagement wouldn’t be easy.  Three weeks on, the two ended their relationship moments before their wedding. Louisa left the village for London, looking to escape the scorning comments and Martin’s presence.  However, she discovered she was with child and returned to Portwenn sometime during her sixth month of pregnancy.  Determined to prove to Martin and her village she could handle everything on her own, she was quickly re-instated as Headmistress (after her replacement proved mentally ill).  Despite being in her third term of pregnancy at the age of 37, she moved house and carried on in her old job with remarkable energy.   Not long after, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.