Mrs. Sally Tishall

Mrs. Sally Tishell is Portwenn’s only pharmacist.  Always keeping her medical knowledge as current as possible, she has been dutifully serving the village for years now.  Her husband Clive Tishell works on an oil rig far out to sea, rarely coming home to visit. Despite having been married for eighteen years, Mrs. Tishell is a highly independent woman who runs her business successfully on her own.  She is also an accomplished organist, and never misses Sunday service in her local church.

In addition to her duties as pharmacist, Mrs. Tishell has also assumed the role of Dr. Martin Ellingham’s most ardent supporter, once admitting she “could eat him with a spoon”.  Attracted from the start, she endeavors to impress the doctor whenever possible, reading countless MHRA Bulletins, baking him cakes, knitting him jumpers and generally making herself as attractive as possible.  At one point—after Dr. Ellingham suggested she was a malingerer, Mrs. Tishell (who has suffered from a twisted neck syndrome, or torticollis, most of her life) even tried removing the neck brace she has always worn.   Unfortunately, it turned out the brace was the only thing preventing paralysis after a bad fall taken weeks earlier.  “So I was right to wear it?” she asked Dr. Ellingham expectantly.  “Yes, Mrs. Tishell, you were” he replied as he supported her head by wrapping his large hands around her neck, very much to her delight.