Formerly an assistant in a veterinary office, Pauline has been Dr. Martin Ellingham’s receptionist since 2005, when she assumed the job from her cousin Elaine Denham.  She is a native of Portwenn and until recently lived with her mother Dawn Lamb in the village.  After proving herself to be clear headed in emergencies, she was sent on a phlebotomy course and is now in charge of bleeding Dr. Ellingham’s patients.  Her calm, pragmatic manner and quick wit make her one of the few people able to get along with her surly boss.  “Fine.  I’ll just let her blead to death then, save you the trip” was her cool response, after she tried to report an emergency about a girl at the school but was rebuffed for interrupting.

Outside of work, Pauline spends her time with her long-suffering boyfriend Al Large.  For years, Pauline has resisted Al’s attempts at a more serious relationship.  However, she recently relented and agreed to move in with him (though only after her brother returned to the family home from the army with a loud snoring problem).   She now lives with Al and his father Bert Large at their cliff-side restaurant just two cottages away from the surgery.  Pauline has suffered in the past from a gambling addiction, but under the direction of Dr. Ellingham now has her illness under control.  She has shown her appreciation and affection for the doctor by always trying to help him wherever possible, although she was unable to prevent the ultimate wedding-day disaster between Louisa and Martin. She also holds a hard-won spot on the village’s lifeboat rescue squad.