PC Mark Mylow

Mark has been in Portwenn as their constable for a number of years. He is generally well liked in the village, even seen as a hero by some. However, as there is almost no crime in Portwenn he has a lot of spare time on his hands to dwell on the lack of a life partner. He subscribes to the theory that where there is a will there is a way or what nature doesn’t provide the online chemist can. “Big Boy” tablets and pheromones to the rescue!!

Initially Mark was interested in a relationship with Louisa but quickly found that they were not suited to one another, much to her and the Doc’s evident relief. His love life took an interesting turn for the better when Julie Mitchell arrived in Portwenn. She was blue eyed and she was blond, which wasn’t the only thing about her that didn’t ring true. She also had at least 3 different aliases and a crime sheet. Poor Mark, he thought that he had found true love and that he was going to be a daddy only to find out that he was “azoospermia” and Julie had a cuckoo in her nest.

Mark has always seen himself as the professional equal of the Doc but his attempts at friendship have been rebuffed. This has never stopped Mark though, as he is always ready to give his all to everything, be it chasing down suspected muggers, boogying on down on the dance floor, falling in love or yomping all over Bodmin Moor without a clue where he is.

(Badge No.2663) – Seasons 1 – 2