The Show


Doc Martin is a hit TV show produced by Buffalo Pictures (in conjunction with Homegrown Productions) for ITV.

With an eccentric bunch of characters, a twist of comedy, fast paced drama and not to mention the enduring love story which has captivated viewers all over the globe, Doc Martin is a recipe for success. Set in the quaint village of Portwenn, Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) the obnoxious local GP has escaped his previous high-flying career as a top vascular surgeon in London, after encountering a phobia of blood. His poor bedside manner is apparent when he deals with the various medical issues of the villagers, who despise his poor social skills and lack of involvement in the community. However the village of Portwenn gives him much more when he meets the local school teacher, Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz). Doc Martin is attracted to her and vice versa, although he is unable to express this and sometimes the friction between their personalities takes over. Surely they will live happily ever after, won’t they?

Regarded as Britain’s most-watched drama after the soaps and the Best TV Comedy Drama (British Comedy Awards) in 2004, Doc Martin is an award winning comedy drama with a highly acclaimed cast and crew. With stunning viewing figures, Doc Martin is a prescription for comedy drama which has rivalled the very best. Doc Martin also has gained international recognition after being shown in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. More recently, local versions have been produced in both Germany and Spain which have subsequently become very popular. Since 2004, four seasons have been produced in the UK, along with a Christmas special episode.

Soon you will find links to each episode, character, and cast member along with general broadcast information of Doc Martin around the world.