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    Apart from ‘DMO’ (aka ‘Doc Martin Online’ aka this website), what are other useful Doc Martin related websites?


    imdb-smallDoc Martin IMDB page
    Full cast and crew details for each episode (includes full episode listing).
    wikipedia-logoDoc Martin Wiki page
    Detailed overview of the show, plot summary, and broadcast information.
    Doc Martin page on the BCG
    Variety of general info including press clippings, and show overview.
    TV.com Doc Martin page
    Fan reviews, episode guide
    & US online viewing options.


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    When will season 7 / series 7 start filming? When will season 7 / series 7 be broadcast?
    Eight episodes were ordered by ITV. The first episode premiered on ITV at 9pm on Monday 7th September, 2015. Acorn Media has confirmed that the 7th season will premiere in the US on Acorn TV on October 5, 2014.

    The series is expected to broadcast in the months following that in other countries such as Australia but could take as long as early 2016.

    According to APT (the USA distributor for public television) any US stations won’t have the new series until at least Jan.1, 2016.  Please check with your local PBS affiliate directly for more specific broadcast information.

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    What is the difference between ‘season’ and ‘series’?
    In the UK, the word ‘series’ is used to describe a batch of episodes (filmed and/or broadcast as a group), and the entire collection of episodes. In other countries such as the USA, the word ‘season’ would be used to describe a batch of episodes and ‘series’ to describe the entire collection of the episodes. To avoid confusion, Doc Martin Online uses both terms.
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    I want to buy Doc Martin merchandise. Where can I do this?
    There is an officially affiliated online store which sells all of the expected merchandise (DVDs, CDs, T-Shirts and mugs) as well as more unique items (such as pens in the shape of syringes, fake blood mousepads and so on!). They deliver to the UK as well as internationally.

    Go to the Doc Martin Store  

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    Where can I chat with other Doc Martin fans?
    There are Doc Martin fans all over world, and thanks to the beauty of the internet it is very much possible to interact with many of them.

    a) Doc Martin Digital Spy Forum  Check it out!

    b) The Portwenn Effect Group Join the Group

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    Does Portwenn really exist? Where do they film Doc Martin? What location was this scene filmed at?
    The lovely Port Isaac, Cornwall doubles as the fictional ‘Portwenn’ for the show. For information related to where the production has filmed (e.g. where can I find that gorgeous castle in the final episode of season 5 / series 5?):  Find Locations
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    I miss Aunt Joan. What happened to Pauline? Where is PC Mark Mylow?

    Before Pauline (Katherine Parkinson), there was Elaine (Lucy Punch); and now that Pauline is “working in Bristol”, Morwenna (Jessica Ransom) has taken the place of surgery receptionist.  The beloved character of Aunt Joan (played by Stephanie Cole) is no longer part of the series, as Ms Cole revealed in an interview that she had decided that it was time to move on.  This in turn made way for the character of Aunt Ruth (played by Dame Eileen Atkins) to join the show.

    Stewart Wright who played PC Mark Mylow, likes to imagine his character somewhere out in the world (maybe Asia, maybe Plymouth) exploring, but still single.  Despite leaving the show more than four years ago, he would still be open to the idea of Mylow returning to Portwenn for an episode.

    As much as we don’t want them to, characters do come and go on any television show.  Reasons for a character leaving the show can have to do with clashes in actor filming schedules, as a personal or creative decision, because the character had already been thoroughly explored or simply because it was time for a change.

    Or sadly, in the case of ‘Gremlin’ the dog – he passed away during the filming hiatus of season 3 and was lovingly replaced by ‘Dodger’ who plays ‘Buddy’ on the show.

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    I want Doc Martin spoilers! Gimme spoilers now! Please?
    Firstly, Doc Martin Online is not a spoiler site. Secondly, spoilers for Doc Martin are quite hard to come by until marketing for the show begins as the producers (quite rightly as per industry standards) keep a tight lid on upcoming storylines.

    We do however, VERY much appreciate fan enthusiasm, in the meantime why don’t you try:  Doc Martin Series 7

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    Why is the Doc so grumpy?
    Several theories have been thrown around over the years as to why Dr Martin Ellingham isn’t the friendliest of souls. Possible causes:

    a) His Parents
    Based on the snippets of information revealed through the series, Martin had a pretty horrible childhood.

    In 2.6 “The Family Way” Martin sees his parents for the first time in seven years.  Their sole reason for visiting is to get Aunt Joan to sell the farm.  Martin’s mother tells him that she blames him for being born and that he was always “an inconvenience” to her marriage and her life.   This resentment is the reason behind Martin being shipped off to boarding school, and sent to visit Aunt Joan during his school holidays.

    In 4.5 “The Departed” it was revealed that Martin was beaten by his father as a ‘normal’ form of disciplinary action.  With no love or affection during his formative years or beyond, it could very well be that this is the reason for the Doc’s surly demeanor.

    b) Asperger’s Syndrome
    Does Doc Martin have ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’? Maybe yes, maybe no.

    In 3.3 “City Slickers”  psychologist Anthony Oakwood certainly thinks so.  He even goes out of his way to ask if he can study Doc Martin for a book he is writing on Aspergers Syndrome.  Doc Martin walks away from him, it is implied that Dr Oakwood is a terrible psychologist, and the issue is never brought up again.

    There is much debate online as to whether the doc can indeed be diagnosed as having Aspergers, with most saying that while he does show some characteristics (and this would explain the social ineptitude) it is not conclusive, particularly as it has never been explicitly stated in the show that the character does have the condition.

    The show’s creator, Dominic Minghella, has mentioned on his own website that it was always left ambiguous, so that the audience could make up their own mind.

    c) Typical Surgeon
    Surgeons have a reputation for being all technical skill and no bedside manner.  Until Dr Ellingham developed his phobia of blood, he was a brilliant and typical big city surgeon.  Forced by circumstance to become a GP in a small coastal village, it was never going to be an easy transition or perfect fit for his personality.

    d) That’s just the way he is. And we love him that way.
    Martin Clunes has said numerous times that he loves playing Doc Martin because he is so bad tempered. Perhaps most simply put: audiences love watching someone being grumpy.  Viewers wish that they too could (occasionally) be like him and say exactly what is on their mind without fear of consequence.

    Whatever the actual reason behind the grumpiness, it provides hours of entertainment.