Frequent locations used in Doc Martin

Port Isaac

Beautiful Port Isaac is a small fishing village in North Cornwall. The majority of Doc Martin exterior location shots are filmed in and around the village.

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Port Gaverne

Neighbouring Port Gaverne (an adjoining cove to Port Isaac), is also used for exterior shots, most notably in 4.2 Uneasy Lies The Head.

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A mile up the road from Port Isaac is a barn near ‘Roscarrock Manor Farm’. Inside the barn are the many sets (the surgery for example) that make up the interior locations for Doc Martin. The show has also filmed exterior shots near the farm in the Roscarrock area.

Dinnabroad Farm

Dinnabroad Farm, St Teath (renamed as ‘Dannabroad Farm’ in the show) is the location used for Aunty Joan’s farm. The farm has featured regularly across all five seasons.

Royal Cornwall Hospital

All hospital scenes have been filmed on location at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro (approximately 35 miles south of Port Isaac).

Delabole Primary School

All school interior scenes for seasons 3, 4, and 5 have been filmed at nearby Delabole Primary School.

Other notable locations used in Doc Martin

Camelot Castle Hotel

The picturesque Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel was used as the backdrop for Martin’s meeting with the health board in 1.1 Going Bodmin and again as ‘The Castle Hotel’ searching for the missing James Henry in 5.8 Ever After.

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John Slater (Aunt Joan’s old flame), moored his boat and was delivered some bad news in Padstow, Cornwall (a fishing port 16 miles south west of Port Isaac) in the season one episode
1.5 Of All the Harbours in all the Towns.

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Pencarrow House

Pencarrow house and gardens (located in Bodmin, Cornwall) is open to the public. It is also the backdrop of Doc Martin and Louisa’s first date (at the classical music concert) in the season three episode 3.5 The Holly Bears a Prickle.

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Headlands Hotel

Mrs Wilson’s Hotel in episode 3.4 The Admirer was actually ‘The Headlands Hotel’, Port Gaverne. The hotel has been closed for over a year for refurbishment.

Lanteglos Church

Martin and Louisa’s almost wedding was filmed at the parish church of Lanteglos-by-Camelford in the third season finale 3.7 Happily Ever After.

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St Winwaloe

Aunt Joan’s funeral was filmed at St Winwaloe (located on Gunwalloe Church Cove) in the season five episode 5.2 Dry Your Tears. Gunwalloe is a very small fishing cove on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall.

The Old Inn

Interior shots of the sudden delivery of Martin and Louisa’s baby was filmed at ‘The Old Inn, St Breward’ (located between Bodmin and Camelford) in the fourth season finale 4.8 The Wrong Goodbye.

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Bodmin Parkway Station

The featured railway station of Doc Martin (shown most notably in the episode which introduces Martin’s parents: 2.6 The Family Way) is ‘Bodmin Parkway’ station (BOD). Incidentally, when travelling from London by train, this station is the closest to Port Isaac.

Doyden Castle

Named ‘Pentire Castle’ in the show, stunning ‘Doyden Castle’ is located in Port Isaac’s neighbouring hamlet ‘Port Quin’. The castle featured heavily in the climactic 5.8 Ever After and can be rented out as holiday accommodation.

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