On The Edge


When Martin goes to visit Aunty Joan, he discovers that there are some rare birds nesting on the cliffs above her farm. Bert overhears this potentially valuable information and tells his friends in the pub. Meanwhile, Aunty Joan is injured when a loaded shotgun is knocked over.

When Louisa’s father, Terry, who is none too popular with the locals, comes to Portwenn to visit her, she is pleased but suspicious. They go for a drink at the pub and meet a friend of Terry’s, Jonathan, whose behaviour is rather odd. When no one else will help him, Terry arranges to hire Bert’s boat for a covert mission.

Back at the Surgery, Mr Peters, a “Doctor’s Friend”, tries to talk to Martin about patient’s complaints, but the Doc isn’t having a bit of it. Martin prescribes Jonathan medication to help regulate his strange behaviour. Meanwhile, the local baker, Ted, has a stomach infection and Martin tells him to cancel the annual pasty eating contest.

Louisa discovers that her father stole money from the lifeboat charity years ago and asks him to leave. In an unpopular move, Doc Martin stops the pasty eating contest and then attends his Review Board where he appears indifferent to Mr Peters’ threats to have him removed from his post if he does not undertake training to improve his bedside manner . Louisa goes to the surgery to tell Martin that she wants him to stay.

Jonathan finds them there and takes Louisa, Martin and Pauline hostage in an attempt to force Terry to return. Jonathan stabs Terry and then forces Al to fetch a mysterious package that they are waiting for. On the way back from picking up the package at sea, Al sees Ted fall off the cliff where he has been stealing the rare Chough eggs. They all go to the cliff and, after saving Ted’s life, Martin decides that he’s had enough.


  • What every twitcher wants
  • Dad? Is that you?
  • Just take the tablets
  • You unctuous, platitudinising eunuch!
  • Stop the contest
  • I don’t want you to go
  • All tied up
  • Mucho cuidado
  • Have you got a drill?