Season Four

(8 episodes, Originally airing in the UK September – November 2009)

After their disastrous wedding day, Louisa has left the village and Martin is making preparations to leave too. His old flame from university, Edith Montgomery, shows up encouraging Martin to seek help for his haemaphobia.

Martin’s life is further complicated by the return to the village of a heavily pregnant Louisa, who makes it clear that Martin should feel no obligation toward her and their child.

Caught in the middle of the pair is Auntie Joan, who is having financial difficulties at the farm. She tries to support Louisa and encourage Martin to take an interest in his unborn child, but he seems to be forging ahead with his move to London with Edith Montgomery never far from his side. Louisa seems determined to go it alone, even taking back her old job as headteacher at Portwenn Primary – but as she approaches her due date, perhaps she does want Martin by her side…


  • Old flame Edith Montgomery back in Martin’s life
  • Louisa returns to the village
  • Martin clashes with the midwife
  • The Headteacher with Porphyria
  • Pauline’s mural on the surgery wall
  • The birth being transmitted around the village on loudspeaker
  • Martin and Louisa reunited