Season One 

(6 episodes, Originally airing in the UK September – October 2004).

When we first meet Dr Martin Ellingham on the aeroplane to Portwenn, he hopes to escape his life as a Cardiovascular surgeon in London. He manages instead to instantly upset pretty local schoolteacher Louisa although it soon becomes clear that their interest in one another is not purely professional.

He struggles to settle into the village, having to contend with an incompetent receptionist, patients treating his surgery like a tearoom and a mangy dog who seems to have moved in with him. Local father and son plumbing team, Bert and Al Large befriend the reluctant Doc, filling him in on all local matters including ‘going Bodmin’.
He renews relations with his Aunt Joan and eventually seems to be accepted by the locals who delight in tormenting him when they discover his blood phobia. Will he last in Portwenn? Will he win over the heart of the fair Louisa? And will he ever learn to be nice to people?

Key Moments
  • Louisa’s first words to Martin: “You’ve got a problem”
  • The Lieutenant Colonel’s ‘Man Boobs’
  • Mark and Louisa’s disco routine
  • Supper with the crazy park ranger and ‘Anthony’
  • Starring role for Martin Clune’s own dog Mary when love-struck teenager Melanie comes to call