1.1 Going Bodmin

Going Bodmin

The development of a severe blood phobia has forced Martin Ellingham, a London vascular surgeon at the height of his profession, into a change of career and on the flight down to his interview for a GP position in the small Cornish fishing village of Portwenn, where he had spent childhood holidays at the home of his aunt Joan, he can’t resist exercising his formidable diagnostic skills on a fellow passenger, who is far from impressed with his uninvited attention. Although the interview is successful,  the lay member of the interview panel turns out to be his fellow passenger, Louisa Glasson, a teacher at PW primary school and her experience of him leads her to express grave doubts about his social skills and suitability for the job as a GP in Portwenn.

The surgery is run down and out of date and Martin struggles to establish himself and begins to doubt the wisdom of his decision to move to Cornwall.  Even before the surgery is officially open, Martin is faced with a tricky problem – a seeming outbreak of gynaecomastia in the male population, and his well-intentioned but naive actions have unfortunate consequences.

  • The local man’s dead – welcome Doc Martin
  • Not every man’s best friend – Doc meets dog
  • ‘Bodmin’ defined (without the use of a noun)
  • Arrrhh! Louisa’s a pirate!
  • If looks could thrill –Martin gives Louisa the first of many longing looks (pity about the broken nose!)