1.5 Of All The Harbours In All The Towns

Of All the Harbours In All The Towns

Doc Martin treats a yachtsman, John Slater, who has collapsed as he arrives in Portwenn’s harbour. He suspects that there is something more serious wrong but John declines treatment. John, who used to live in the village, recognises Martin as Joan’s nephew but Joan, with whom John had an affair many years ago, is, at first, shocked to hear of his return. The Doc treats the dislocated shoulder of schoolgirl, Melanie Gibson, who develops a crush on him. He gently tries to send Melanie away but she persists and plans to seduce him. Meanwhile Joan agrees to go away with John, but when Martin tells him that he only has a year to live, he lies to Joan, telling her that he is married, to save her from having to nurse another dying man, as she had nursed her husband Phil. Joan tells Martin that her affair with John was the reason that Martin’s father stopped him from staying with her when he was a schoolboy. Melanie’s father confronts the Doc – with surprising results.


  • Gross moral turpitude threatens Portwenn
  • Louisa’s desire – to see Martin out of his suit
  • Permission to come ashore – Aunty Joan’s ex crashes into Portwenn
  • Wetting oneself is very distracting
  • Nobody remembers to say thank you
  • The Doc’s strange bedfellow
  • Al makes a “mix-tape”