1.3 S**t Happens



S**t Happens
As the new doctor, Martin is interviewed on the local radio but his unwillingness to talk about himself infuriates Caroline, the interviewer. There is an outbreak of diarrhoea caused by cryptosporidium in the village and Martin initially suspects the swimming pool at the Leisure Centre, but when that proves not to be the case, his suspicions fall on the water supply and he broadcasts his suspicions over the radio before he has had the water tested, not realising that, a few years previously, a similar scare had had disastrous consequences for the local economy. The plumber Bert Large and his son Al fall out over Al’s ambition to become a computer technician, but Bert’s business supplying bottled French spring water is thriving because of the Doc’s advice not to drink the tap water without boiling it. Ultimately, tests on the tap water show that it too is not the cause of the infection. When Martin also develops an upset stomach after drinking Bert’s Spring Water he realises that this is the likely cause of the problem. Martin and Louisa make a date to meet at the pub for a drink, but the local PC, Mark Mylow, interrupts.
  • A face for radio, but not the personality
  • Fenn asks a favour – Martin maintains his morals
  • Louisa helps Martin with an idea but Mark messes it up!
  • Mrs Tishell’s waiting for a man
  • A run on diarrhoea remedies
  • Pool party pooper
  • Bert’s botched bottled water business