Season Three


(7 episodes, Originally airing in the UK from September – November 2007)

Season three sees a rough start for Martin and Louisa, although he rushes to her aid when she faints in front of her class.

Deserted by son Al, who is allegedly backpacking in the jungle, Bert decides it is time for a change and opens up a restaurant, with predictable consequences and accusations of salmonella.

Martin encounters the new local policeman, narcoleptic deluded PC Penhale, who immediately appoints himself Martin’s best friend although Martin’s attentions are still very much on Louisa. The ‘Martisa’ relationship soon warms up, prompted in no small part by local flirt Mrs Wilson, when Louisa steps in and invites Martin on a date. Martin cannot help himself however, and after another inappropriate remark Louisa finally ends their relationship.

After Martin treats Louisa’s friend Holly for a near-fatal allergic reaction, their emotionally-charged evening ends in a marriage proposal. The news spreads around the village in no time and before you can say ‘quiche’ Martin has thrown a diamond ring into Louisa’s dinner. Of course, things do not go according to plan and Martin and Louisa’s relationship appears as shaky as Bert and Al’s wedding marquee…


  • Martin and Louisa’s courtship
  • Louisa’s horrid friend Holly
  • The Proposal
  • Fantastically annoying badger-burning neighbours move in
  • Auntie Joan, a young painter and a kitchen table (!)
  • The Black Widow Scientist and her sister
  • Martin Ellingham, Pig Doctor
  • The non-wedding