3.1 The Apple Doesn’t Fall

The Apple Doesn’t Fall

A story time fairy tale brings Louisa and the Doc together as Louisa briefly looses consciousness while reading to her class.  Martin insists she see him in his surgery, but makes plans to see him that evening (“if you dont have plans?”).  Allison Lane visits the surgery so the Doc can diagnose her daughter, Delph, after her spat of over energetic and erratic behaviour.  Martin does not accept that there is something wrong Delph, and forcefully ejects the Lane’s from his office.  Mr. Clearly next enters Doc Martin’s office with his seeing eye dog and a case of gout.  The flustered Doc walks Mr. Clearly into his wall before he shows him out the door.

Walking the town, Martin notices the police vehicle awkwardly draped across the road, and approaches to investigate.  Martin notices that the vehicle’s driver is asleep and proceeds to wake him.  The driver, Port Wenn’s new PC (PC Penhale) doesn’t appear aware of his brief nap, and Martin requests Penhale to come by his surgery for examination.

Martins Next appointment is with Lousia, and Martin finds that she appears to be anaemic.  Next in Martin’s office is PC Penhale, who is diagnosed with narcolepsy & prescribed ritilin to keep him awake.  A car accident brings Aunt Joan into…