2.1 Old Dogs

Doc Martin reluctantly makes a house call to an old friend of his aunt’s. Louisa acts on Martin’s insensitive advice but finds that he is in no mood to apologise! Back at the surgery, he finds that he has a new receptionist with her own ideas of filing. His curiosity is aroused about the origin of a patient’s injuries and PC Mylow makes an assumption that leads him to take a course of action that makes him a local hero. The Doc misinterprets when he overhears a conversation, and is surprised when the cause of his patient’s injuries is revealed. Martin’s treatment of his aunt’s friend brings him into conflict with her son, Danny, who has returned to the village from London to finalise her move to a residential home and a shocking episode seems to prove Danny to be correct. PC Mylow uncovers a bit about the doc’s past and the Doc learns a bit about Louisa’s. He is bemused as to why his treatment of Danny’s mother does not seem to be working and eventually his persistence uncovers the reason. Meanwhile Louisa meets an old friend and seems keen to re-establish their relationship – to Martin’s discomfort.

KEY EPISODE MOMENTS                                                          EPISODE GUIDE

  • Mid-twenties, cheap looking
  • No sign of dementia?
  • Portwenn’s first mugging
  • Visible undercover policing
  • Praise the Lord! Pleased to meet you?
  • Putting the spark back into marriage
  • Louisa fancies an old friend for dinner